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Understanding Yīn Yáng

Yin Yang is a dialectical logic that explains the relationships, patterns and changes; how things work in relation to other things within the universe. It is a system of thought that sees everything as part of a whole and nothing can be isolated. This system was...

Insomnia: not resting well, not living well

In response to a question asked by the infamous Huangdi of why people are not able to rest, his minister doctor, Qibo, replied:

“藏有所傷,及精有所之寄則安,故人不能懸其病也。” (黃帝內經, 素問: 病能論)

When the internal organ systems are injured and the essence is not able to rest within its designated places, then one lies down but cannot rest. This is to say when there is an internal imbalance, and the body is using essential resources in order to rectify such an imbalance, a person is not able to sleep….

Neck Pain: A blockage between your head and the rest of you

Sitting. Focused. Talking. Listening. Writing a report. Looking at a computer screen. In general, one’s daily routine involves activities centered around the head, and not centered around moving the body much more than slight movements of the hands. In Chinese medicine, the approach to living is one that is balanced, aligning with nature…